Colin Kaepernick’s Team Dispels False Narrative With Facts

Seeking to dismantle rumors, innuendo and misconceptions surrounding the status of embattled quarterback Colin Kaepernick, representatives for the star issued a press release on Thursday filled with irrefutable facts about the football star and activist who was ostracized by the men who own NFL teams…and Jay-Z.

“There have been so many false narratives in the media regarding Colin,” begins the two-page fact sheet from sports agent Jeff Nalley and public relations director Jasmine Windham. “Nothing below is up for interpretation or debate, it’s the truth and nothing else.” The document goes on to outline Kaepernick’s stats and highlighted his preparation and training since NFL owners whiteballed the six-year veteran after he decided to protest injustice and inequality.

Noting that Kaepernick remains eligible to play in the NFL, the statement points out that he hasn’t been brought in for a workout or offered a job by a single team “despite other false statements in the media to the contrary,” Kap’s camp adds that the Seattle Seahawks brought him in for a visit but didn’t work him out. Still, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Kaepernick is “a starter in this league.”

The release also dispelled the notion that Kaepernick doesn’t want to play football, revealing that he works out five days a week and his agent has reached out to representatives for every franchise in the NFL, to no avail. Nalley dissected Kaepernick’s measurables from his playing games, proving that there are players on NFL rosters with much lesser accomplishments.


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