Doctors risk lives tackling Trump policy that keeps migrants in Mexico

Since the Trump administration implemented its Migrant Protection Protocols in January, more than 51,000 people have been required to wait in Mexico as their court proceedings play out in the U.S. But when “CBS This Morning” embedded with Doctors Without Borders in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, physicians said the policies are inflicting lasting trauma on migrants – and putting their lives at risk.

“If they are identified as migrants in the streets, they might be kidnapped,” said Dr. Fabiola Pintero, with Doctors Without Borders. “It’s that dangerous.”

Pintado said that more than half of the asylum seekers they’ve spoken to have been victims of some sort of violence.

“It’s not safe for them to be here,” he said.

“CBS This Morning” spoke to a Honduran woman, who is part of MPP, who said that her husband was kidnapped when they got sent back to Mexico. He was eventually released because the couple couldn’t afford the ransom.

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