Jim Jordan: Why Is Pelosi ‘Scared to Have a Vote to Open an Official Impeachment Inquiry?’


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Saturday posed a series of questions to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) regarding the partisan-fueled impeachment inquiry, asking why she is “scared to have a vote to open an official impeachment inquiry.”

•Why did the “whistleblower” write an 800+ word memo describing President Trump and [Ukrainian] President Zelensky’s call based on second-hand information gleaned from a conversation that lasted just a few minutes?

•Why did the “whistleblower” wait 18 days to file the complaint after describing the call as “frightening” in their memo?

•Why and when did the “whistleblower” communicate with @RepAdamSchiff ’s staff before filing the complaint?

•Why did the “whistleblower” hide from the ICIG that they met with @repadamschiff’s staff by not checking the box on the whistleblower form indicating they had spoken to Congress?

•Why didn’t @RepAdamSchiff tell us his staff had met with the “whistleblower?”

•Why didn’t the “whistleblower” just give his memo to the Inspector General, instead of a seven page complaint dressed up with extraneous citations and media references?

•Why is @RepAdamSchiff holding hearings, depositions, and interviews behind closed doors?

•Why won’t @RepAdamSchiff release the transcripts of these interviews, instead of leaking cherry-picked information that fits his narrative?

•Why won’t @RepAdamSchiff take questions from the press after these interviews, like Republicans have done?

•Why does @SpeakerPelosi think we need to “strike while the iron is hot,” instead of taking time for serious and thorough investigative fact-finding?

•Why is @SpeakerPelosi scared to have a vote to open an official impeachment inquiry like it’s been done every other time?

•Why do Democrats keep making up the rules as they go along, instead of following a fair process?

•What work did the “whistleblower” do with a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate?

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