Microsoft Acknowledges Windows 10 1903 Cumulative Update Once Again Breaks Start Menu

Redmond, we have a problem…again. For the third time in a month, Windows 10 users are reporting a recent update is messing with the functionality of the Start menu. This time it is KB4517389 that is the culprit. On affected PCs, users are seeing a critical error message when accessing the Start menu.
“KB4524147 originally caused a critical error when using Start menu AND it prevented my printer from printing. The latter was because of some mess up with the print spooler. I uninstalled KB4524147 and BOTH problems disappeared. This morning, I updated with KB4517389. The printer seems to work, BUT I receive a critical error when using the Start menu. I suppose I need to uninstall KB4517389?,” a user wrote on Microsoft’s community forums.

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