REPORT: Dems Better Not Count On Hispanic Vote Because POTUS Trump Is Winning Them Over

Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low and for first-generation legal immigrants, life has never been better with more opportunity, more success, and more hope, than it is right now with Donald Trump as president.

While Democrat politicians preach fear and division the president is delivering on quality of life and economic security for Hispanic families all across the country. It’s another promise made and another promise delivered.

Trump kept his promise to make the economy work for all Americans, and that will have lasting effects on Hispanic family wealth for generations to come. Before Donald Trump took office, the Hispanic American unemployment rate had dipped below 5 percent only once in the entire time that the government has tracked that data. Under Trump, we’ve beaten that mark not once, not twice, but an astounding 21 times in just 32 months.

Trump wouldn’t have been elected in 2016 without the support of millions of Hispanic voters, and he’s validated their choice by creating an economic boom that has made Hispanic Americans more prosperous than ever before. There’s no better way to ensure our community’s continued success than to turn out in even greater numbers to reelect the president next year to continue fulfilling his promises to us.

For the millions upon millions of Hispanic Americans who feel exactly the same way, there’s only one reasonable choice when we head to the voting booth next year: four more years of the administration that’s delivered the greatest economic boon ever for our families. But we will need Hispanic voters to stand up against the radical and socialist Democratic agenda and join Latinos for Trump.

Vamos to victory!

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