Simone Biles Is Now the Most Decorated Gymnast—Female or Male—of All Time

Biles became the most decorated gymnast, male or female, of all time by cinching two more gold medal wins at the gymnastics world championships. With gold medals in the balance beam and floor exercise, Biles has now earned a total of 25 world championship medals (19 of which are gold). The previous record-holder for the greatest number of medals won at the world championships was male gymnast Vitaly Scherbo of Belarus, who has 23 medals. His record hadn’t been touched for 23 years, the New York Times reports.

Biles’s new title takes on extra meaning when the total number of events for male and female gymnasts are compared. Female gymnasts can only compete in six events at the world championships; men compete in eight. Biles had two fewer opportunities at each world championship to medal, yet she’s now ahead of the previous male record-holder.

If there was any doubt before, there’s none now: Simone Biles is in fact the greatest gymnast of all time. Period.

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