Thousands of Migrants Start Heading for US – Get Sent Back Before Making It to the Border

Mexican authorities stopped a caravan of about 2,000 migrants heading north for the United States, the latest action by their government to crack down on illegal immigration.


In the southern Mexican town of Tapachula, a caravan of Central American, Caribbean, and African migrants embarked on foot for the U.S. on Saturday morning. After traveling for about 20 miles, however, they were greeted by hundreds of National Guardsmen and federal police blocking both sides of the highway, according to the Associated Press.

The authorities, decked out in tactical vests and helmets, were able to detain most members of the caravan and chased down others who attempted to flee , placing them onto buses back south to Tapachula. Many other migrants walked back on foot.

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The chief of Customs and Border Protection touted the event as a sign that collaboration between the U.S. and Mexico is helping control the immigration crisis.

“Mexico’s enhanced border security efforts along their southern border continue to have a dramatic impact on this regional crisis. I just returned from Mexico where we had collaborative discussions on stemming the flow of illegal migration throughout the region,” Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, tweeted on Sunday.

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