What DO you agree on?

I’ve had numerous discussions lately whereby two Christians end up debating the validity of their beliefs amongst themselves.


One said hell isn’t real, the other said it does. Both presented scripture, as evidence

I’ve heard others say, humans were perfect until Eve ate the apple. Other Christians said we were never created perfect. They both supplied scripture as evidence.

Some say only god can judge, others say they are told to judge, to save others. They both cited scriptures as evidence

Some say they don’t follow the Old Testament, some do. They both cite scripture as evidence

Some say gays are an abomination. Some don’t. They both supply scriptures as evidence

Some say Christians must be born again. Others say, it only requires following the teachings of Christ. Both supply scripture as evidence.


You can’t even agree on the color of Jesus’ skin!


Clearly, scripture cannot be used as evidence for a variety of reasons. Reasons like, no independent verification. But, that aside, Christians, themselves PROVE scripture is useless. They can, literally, find a scripture to support ANY position they wish, including completely opposite positions. This defies logic and renders the entire book, useless. Forget the fact, it wasn’t written by authorities on the god question


These aren’t small discrepancies. These are MAJOR theological differences. There are many more


My question is this:

What DO you agree on?


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