Clean energy outpaces fossil fuel in UK for first time

Third-quarter feat marks historic moment in electricity generation

Renewable energy sources generated more electricity in the UK than fossil fuel power plants for the first, straight three-month period since records began more than a century ago, according to research.

Wind farms, solar panels, biomass and hydro plants generated an estimated 29.5 terawatt hours (TWhs) of electricity in the third quarter between July and September, just exceeding the 29.1 TWhs produced by plants that run on fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil.

The total TWhs produced during the third quarter — which also includes energy produced by nuclear power plants — is 73.9TWhs.

It is the first time fossil fuels have been outpaced for an entire quarter since the first public electricity-generating station — fuelled by coal — opened in central London in 1882, according to forecasts by Carbon Brief, a climate research and news website.


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