Goodwin: Madness of leftist zealots

The dirty tricks in 2016, the flames of treason fanned by Hillary Clinton and top members of the Obama administration, the wild media scoops and whispered accusations — all of it had been considered and found to have no merit. The Russia, Russia, Russia charge was false and it was time to move on.

Instead, the left immediately began searching for another silver bullet. One way or another, they would bring down Donald Trump.

Thus was born Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. In an instant replay, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff again declared the president guilty of impeachable ­offenses before they held a single hearing.

Their only evidence was the flawed, secondhand claim of an anonymous source with partisan ties. They don’t care. They are on a mission to destroy.

Clinton, incapable of shame and impervious to anything but self-interest, emerged again to declare Trump “an illegitimate president.”

The media, too, jumped on the Ukraine bandwagon, giddy with certainty that this time, they’ll get the president they hate.

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