They’re the refugees that Trump tried to stop. But now they’re here, and they’re ‘becoming Americans.’

Still, Ataie and Hesar do their best to fit in and not call attention to their outsider status. During their first few weeks in America, they walked everywhere. Passing motorists would slow down and stare, confused by the sight of pedestrians. Some even stopped to ask if they were okay.

Now, like the Texans they’re fast becoming, they drive everywhere, even if it’s just to the gym two blocks from their apartment, a comfortable and spotless three-bedroom that they share with three other Afghans.

. . . The newcomers from Nauru and Manus have had little apparent trouble finding jobs. Jenny Leahy, an Australian aid worker who lived on Nauru, visited dozens of them in the United States last month — from San Diego to New York. All were supporting themselves, a fact consistent with studies showing that refugees generate far more in government revenue, through employment and entrepreneurship, than they cost in state services.

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