Elizabeth Warren Under Fire as Campaign Surrogate’s Racist, Homophobic Tweets Come to Light

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is being heavily criticized for failing to vet a high-profile campaign surrogate with a history of making homophobic, racist, misogynistic and xenophobic comments on social media.

Activist Ashlee Marie Preston was featured in a Warren campaign video released October 10. In that video, Preston explains that she’s “a Warren Democrat because I am not afraid of the fight.”

Users eventually noticed several racist and otherwise controversial posts made by Preston over the years.

A Tweet from December 11, 2010 reads: “Latino and Asian businesses need 2 stop being rude & fukn disrespectful, & I kno its A LOT to ask in CA but speak fukn English 2* #yahisaidit.”

Preston regularly criticized Asian immigrants for their alleged deficiencies with the English language.

A Tweet from December 25, 2010 reads: “Just cussed that Asian bitch clean the fuck out…u mess up my order & THEN blame me?? #englisismyfirstlanguage bitch. Never ordern again.”





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