Congress Approval, Support for Impeaching Trump Both Up

  • 25% approve of Congress; up from 18% last month; Trump’s approval at 39%
  • 52% of Americans now support Trump’s impeachment and removal
  • Impeachment support reflects growth in support among independents, Dems
  • Since June, Democrats’ and independents’ support for impeachment has grown, while Republicans’ views have not changed. The change among independents is enough that a majority of that group (55%) now favors Trump being impeached and removed from office. Support for impeachment was already high among Democrats, at 81%, but now approaches 90%. Just 6% of Republicans are in favor of Trump being impeached.
  • Gallup measured public support for impeachment and removal of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton during their presidencies. Nixon resigned from office when it was clear the House would vote to impeach him, while Clinton was impeached by the House, but the Senate voted to keep him in office. The level of support for Trump being impeached and removed is well above where it was for Clinton, and higher than it was for Nixon in all but the final poll before he resigned.
  • By contrast, public support for Nixon’s impeachment and removal from office swelled over the course of a year as revelations of his wrongdoings continued.
  • The starting point of public support for Trump’s impeachment is higher than was seen for Nixon and Clinton, possibly a reflection of Trump serving in a much more politically polarized environment. Still, the needle has moved on the question as the focus has moved past the Mueller report and onto other things, with the slim majority of Americans, and a majority of independents, now in support of Trump’s impeachment and removal.




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