President Trump Easily Wins Reelection in 2020 in Moody’s Economic Models — Income Increases Today FIVE TIMES Better Than Obama!

This is stunning.
Moody’s Analytics  released shocking numbers on Tuesday just in time for another insane Democrat Party debate.

Moody’s found that President Trump wins the 2020 election in three different models.

Trump wins in the “Pocketbook Model” 351 to 187 electoral votes.

Trump wins in the “Stock Market Model” 289 to 249 electoral votes.

Trump wins the “Unemployment Model” 332 to 206 electoral votes.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

And President Trump’s economic success is truly historic.
Under President Trump the average US family income is up $5,000 dollars per family.

Under Bush income went up by $400 and under Obama income went up $1,043.

Trump’s success if FIVE TIMES larger than Barack Obama’s after 8 years.

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