Biden: Syria withdrawal proves Trump is a ‘complete failure

Seeking to leverage his experience in foreign policy, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday ripped Donald Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Syria as the latest proof that the president is a “complete failure” who is gutting American credibility around the world.

Biden used a 40-minute speech in Iowa to excoriate Trump for withdrawing American forces and leaving Syrian Kurds, key U.S. allies in the yearslong fight against the Islamic State group, open to attacks from Turkey.

“It’s more insidious than the betrayal of our brave Kurdish partners; it’s more dangerous than taking the boot off the neck of ISIS,” the former vice president said. “Trump is demolishing the moral authority of the United States of America” while emboldening U.S. adversaries, including Russia and Iran.

Biden’s speech marks his latest attempt to push foreign affairs to the front-burner of the 2020 campaign. The core of Biden’s message to voters from the start has been that Trump is unfit for the job, and Biden often references foreign affairs as he campaigns, but the 76-year-old candidate and his aides see the Syria situation as a new crystallization of what’s at stake.

“He is a complete failure as commander in chief,” Biden said. “He is the most reckless and incompetent commander in chief we’ve ever had.”

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