Furious commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters from top of Tube


Angry commuters have pulled Extinction Rebellion protesters from the top of a Tube as activists disrupted services across London.

At Canning Town station in east London dozens of commuters were seen pulling two campaigners, dressed in jacket and tie, from the top of a Jubilee Line Tube train after they unfurled a banner saying, “Business as usual = death”.

The pair used a ladder to climb onto the roof, prompting an immediate reaction from commuters, including one who threw his sandwich at them. A drink was also hurled at one of them.

One Tube user reportedly shouted: “I need to get to work, I have to feed my kids.”

As one of the protesters kicked a commuter to stop him from climbing up the carriage, the man managed to grab the activist’s leg and pull him to the ground.


Article URL: https://news.sky.com/story/furious-commuters-drag-extinction-rebellion-protester-from-top-of-tube-11837385

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