Islam Divides Democrats

It isn’t just “Medicare For All” that is dividing the Democratic Party.

This article snippet about moderate democrat Pete Buttigieg encapsulates the difference between moderate democrats and far-left democrats on Islam.

“During a January 31 appearance on The View, for instance, he [Buttigieg] was asked to respond to comments made by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) where she criticized Israel for violating human rights and even compared its conduct to Iran’s.

Buttigieg, a married gay man, countered strongly. “People like me get strung up in Iran,” he said, “so the idea that what’s going on is equivalent is just wrong.” “

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a moderate homosexual objects to Muslims abducting gay people and murdering them in broad day light, per the laws of the Islamic Iranian government.

Perhaps what it more notable is that, like the topic of Israel, the topic of Islam hasn’t been addressed in democratic debates.

While far-left Democrats bury their collective heads in the sand with regards to the millennia-long genocide of homosexuals by Muslims, moderate democrats (and homosexuals) like me and Pete are keenly aware.

Since an alleged Islamophobe like Trump swept the electoral college, it would seem to me that it is high time for democrats to have a real discussion about Islam without the loony-toons liberals calling everyone and Pete Buttigieg an Islamophobe.

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