Newt Gingrich: RIP Democratic Party – You’re being transformed into an anti-American engine of radical change

The Democratic-Socialist candidates embrace policies ranging from wanting to confiscate guns; forcing the radical California gender curriculum on every state; removing the tax exemption for every church, synagogue, and mosque that defines marriage as between a man and a woman; providing free (meaning taxpayer-funded) health care to people living in our country illegally; and opening the border so anyone and everyone will be able to enter the United States without having to worry about immigration laws.

Some of these radical candidates favor tax-paid sex-change operations in prison – and genderless prisons (one of Biden’s contributions to the dialogue) so male criminals could declare themselves female to be sent to women’s prisons.

Imagine that one of the candidates had said he or she was against abortion. The result might have been a riot – and at a minimum an expulsion of the heretic. Instead, the new Democratic-Socialist Party stands for abortion on the last day of pregnancy, and its most radical acolytes are now for infanticide after delivery as long as “the infant would be kept comfortable” (see the New York state law endorsed by the Democratic governor of Virginia).

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