OPINION: Trump’s Plan for Syria Reveals We Truly Have a Master Strategist in the White House


Over the past 2-1/2 years, we have watched President Trump execute The Art Of The Deal time after time after time. A prime example is how he got North Korea to the negotiating table and became the first president in history to step across their border.

Naysayers should have taken the hint that this was just the opening bell to many more rounds of negotiations in which he demonstrated how well he understands that all it takes is a quick pull on the correct lever, and the jackpot pours itself out.

Mexico’s cooperation is another perfect example of knowing which button to push. He knows that money talks, and that with a little financial incentive, they now have thousands of troops on the ground standing up to the migrants who are trying to con their way into the USA under the guise of asylum.

The most recent is the situation in the Middle East with Syria, the Kurds, and Turkey. It has only been a few days since the president declared that we would be withdrawing our troops, and Capitol Hill exploded on BOTH sides of the aisle. Some are very much in favor of removing our troops from the region and stopping decades of fighting other countries’ wars. On the flip side, some are convinced we just kicked the door open to more terrorist attacks.

However, once again, President Trump has shown the world that he’s fully capable of world-class chess. Almost before the ink was dry on the sanctions he announced against Turkey, Vice President Mike Pence was on his way over to get on with the negotiations.

Check and checkmate.

Richard Jack Rail from The American Thinker gave us his take:

It’s just too delicious. President Trump ordered U.S. special forces out of Syria to a chorus of howling Democrats and all the old, experienced hands at State and, supposedly, the military. (I had doubts as well.) Democrats yelled that all hell was about to break loose. The Pentagon pulled its hair. Europe trembled and blanched. The Mideast girded for something awful.

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