Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Hit Fever Pitch of Desperation

We are well aware that the hatred for President Donald Trump by all those with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has reached a fever pitch of desperation. We must also acknowledge that Sleepy Joe Biden is far from the only politician who extorted money from the Ukrainians, and that it is but one of possibly a hundred or more countries that know-the-kickback-rules apply to all federal aid and assistance from the US Congress critters. Our federal government has been corrupted beyond any chance of restoration to its former constitutional republic—the people be damned.

The deplorable people must never be made aware of the true depth and scope of their total corrupted system of governance and it is President Donald Trump who stands in their way.


Coup 2.0 was to impeach him, but that scheme seems to be failing miserably by the day. But, do not be encouraged by their failings, nor should we lose sight of the fact that they will have backed themselves into a do-or-die-corner where it has now become imperative to stop Trump. 

Coup 3.0 will soon go hot.  But, if they should fail in whatever attempt(s) to assassinate him, their final desperate move may be to bring our financial system down and blame it on Trump. Self-survival is their only concern. The oligarchs who ultimately rule our country are defending their power. They will surely bring it all down! And, as for our happy-face-friends predicting a landslide, where our country will be fortunate to get to November 2020 still intact, the truth is that there is no way that Donald Trump can be allowed to be re-elected. And you can take that to the bank, although chances are it will not be open.

Whilst we define defend, we need to stop and take an in-depth look at the Deep State and where it came from? What persons, groups or assemblies are involved? What are the true goals of the Deep State? How close are they to completion?

In the late 1700s, Adam Weishaupt established a secret society which became known as the Illuminati with the primary goal of establishing a New World Order (NWO). Their objectives were:

  • abolish all sovereign governments,
  • abolish ownership of private property,
  • abolish patriotism,
  • abolish the family,
  • abolish all forms of religion and, thereby, create a One World Government.

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