Marianne Williamson: There Are Two Political Universes, One With Establishment And One Available To Everybody

But I see how, with the rules, and with the polling, and with the numbers — you know, there are two different political universes.  One is the pundits, and the polls, and the money and all of that.

And then there’s another political universe.  And that’s what happens when candidates are out there in the primary states just talking to people about our country and about what matters.  And they are two such different universes.

So one is very difficult, you have to have a lot of money.  There’s a lot of establishment power involved there, media, political parties —

MACCALLUM:  You’ve got to know how to work it.

WILLIAMSON:  Yes, that’s right.  And you have to have — exactly.  And then the other universe, which is available to everyone, as it should be.

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