The Pelosi-Schiff impeachment farce has no respect for due process

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Schiff, and Democrats in Congress continue to ignore historical norms and processes in order to try to remove Trump from office. While impeachment is constitutionally permissible, we have settled what that process should be. An impeachment investigation is typically commenced by a formal vote by members of the House of Representatives. The investigation is conducted by the Judiciary Committee or a special select committee as appointed by the speaker with input from the minority party.

At the same time that the formal resolution to investigate the president is voted on, the House also establishes the rules for the investigation, sets the committee that will investigate, and any other particular instructions necessary for the committee to do its work.

But Pelosi and company have failed us and failed you. They refuse to bring the question of whether we should investigate Trump to a vote in the House of Representatives.

Without the formal vote, Schiff can continue to freeze out the public and their representatives by holding closed-door hearings, suppressing the transcripts, and preventing the president from representation of legal counsel.

Due process, one of the hallmarks of freedom that has set us apart from the world, is completely obviated. The denial to the president of his rights to cross-examine the witnesses against him and to prevent Republicans from calling witnesses is evidence that Schiff and company are not interested in running a fair investigation.

This is not, as judicial proceedings are supposed to be, a search for truth and justice; instead, this is a quest to impeach the president, regardless of what the truth may be or what is just.

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