Trump’s disastrous retreat from Syria raises new questions about his financial interests in Turkey


President Donald Trump’s retreat from northeastern Syria has proven disastrous for the US’s Kurdish allies in the region and shaken global faith in the US’s credibility. The decision has opened the door to the resurgence of ISIS, it handed Russia a major geopolitical victory, and it’s catalyzed a humanitarian crisis in Syria.

On the domestic front, Trump’s decision prompted a swift, bipartisan rebuke in both chambers of Congress, including from top Republicans.

Trump’s move has had virtually no political or strategic benefits, which begs the question: was the president motivated by something other than the US’s national interests when he pulled troops from northeastern Syria and effectively handed Turkey a win on a silver platter?

“It’s hard to explain Trump’s actions in Syria through the prism of what’s best for American national security,” Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut told Insider on Tuesday. “So, we’re searching for other explanations. What we know is that the president has business interests in Turkey.”

The Democratic senator, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the situation underscores the need for Trump to release his tax returns: “The American people deserve to know the extent of the president’s business interests overseas so that we know whether he’s making foreign policy decisions in the best interests of the country or in the best interests of his family, bottom line.”

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