Turkish ceasefire in Syria is already broken: Shelling and gunfire is heard in border city Ras al-Ayn within hours of deal being agreed


A Syrian ceasefire brokered by Vice President Mike Pence in Turkey had already been broken by Friday morning as gunfire and shelling was heard in the border city of Ras al-Ayn. 

The city, also known as Sari Kani, has been the centre of the majority of the fighting since Turkish President Erdogan invaded the country more than a week ago after President Trump ordered US troops to withdraw.

Amid outcry at home and abroad, Trump dispatched Pence to Ankara to end to the bloodshed – and a deal was announced that would see Turkey stop its attack while Kurdish forces withdraw from the border.

While Kurdish leadership agreed to the deal it was far from clear whether individual armed militias – who fought and died to claim the territory from ISIS – would willingly hand it over to Erdogan.

On Friday, smoke billowed over Ras al-Ayn as gunfire and shelling could be heard inside the city, though it was unclear who was firing at whom. 

Kurdish reports from inside the city claim SDF fighters have ‘yet to respond’ to targeting by Turkish mercenaries, Hawar News reported. 

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