Update: Canadians lucky US Presidential endorsement of Canadian political leader didn’t involve drone strikes


OTTAWA – Canadians familiar with US regime change in foreign countries are breathing a sigh of relief after former US President endorsed Liberal Leader Justin without bombing ’s opponents with drones.

As of yet, there has been no indication of an impending US military strike, invasion, or claim Canada is harbouring weapons of mass destruction.

“Thank God it was just a tweet and not a hellfire missile fired at my car,” said one NDP supporter. “I think I’m going to lie low for a few years. Excuse me.”

The bloodless endorsement with no civilian casualties is expected to be a boon for Trudeau who is deadlocked in a tight race with Conservative Leader Andrew .

“Thank you for not doing it the old fashioned way by starting a civil war,” tweeted another nervous Canadian. “You rock!”

This incident brought back memories of the 1988 federal when the bromance between Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Mulroney and US President Ronald Reagan nearly led to a CIA-backed coup after Reagan mistook his northern neighbour for Nicaragua.

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