for the skeptic…believe already!

You can test the bible, as it says to do. Look into why and how the Jews came back to that land after 2000 years. The place was truly desolate til 1948. They got a nation, recognized in a single day…thanks to that holocaust and WWII. The entire world realized the Jews had to have a nation or be decimated. Then they got Jerusalem back…psalm 83 is that prophecy. The surrounding neighbors attacked, the very ones mentioned by their ancient names. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon against Israel in that 6 days war in 1967.
And now?? Ezekiel 38 has it’s nations right there. Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, going after Israeli oil and gas. Ezk 38 has Israel without help in that region. The US is exiting the middle east.

Prophecy is how you tell…john 14:29 when it happens as stated then you’ll know it’s true.

Is this happening?

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