Israel, Russia, and the US are in a diplomatic standoff over a 26-year-old woman smuggling 9 and a half grams of marijuana

  • A 26-year-old American-Israeli woman who was arrested at a Moscow airport with nine and a half grams of marijuana in April was sentenced on Friday to seven and a half years of prison in Russia on drug smuggling charges.
  • Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has argued for Naama Issachar’s release, but her case is tied up in an ongoing diplomatic dispute between Russia, Israel, and the US.
  • Russia is attempting to secure the release of an IT specialist, Aleksey Burkov, who was wanted in the US on charges of hacking and credit card fraud and was approved for extradition to the US by Israel’s Supreme Court in August after his arrest in an Israeli airport in December 2015.
  • CNN reports that Burkov’s family has proposed a prisoner swap with Issachar and that Netanyahu has suggested there is interest in that option, as Burkov “is subject to extradition

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