Muslim Hockey Coach’s Claim To Be The Victim Of A Racist Text Comes Under Question

A Pakistani-born Canadian Muslim hockey coach’s story about being the victim of a racist text from the father of one of his players is beginning to unravel as the facility he claims to have coached at denies knowing him.

The tweet went viral, with thousands of retweets and likes, even garnering the attention of Hall of Fame goalie Grant Fuhr and black hockey player Evander Kane, among others.

However, Javaid’s story began to unravel when a reporter with NBC affiliate WILX asked Yahoo Sports for the identity of the rink where Javaid claimed to coach, which turned out to be Suburban Ice in East Lansing, Michigan. Yet, when contacted, the facility told WILX off camera that they “have never heard of Javaid nor the ice skating clinic he allegedly was holding,” the outlet reported.

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