Breaking the Administrative State: There can only be one winner in the struggle between the president and the permanent bureaucracy if America has any hope of the republic surviving.

Trump was never “read into” how it’s “all supposed to work,” how “things are done in D.C.” No, he had the temerity to show up and think that maybe, just maybe, we are still a democratic, constitutional republic in which power still flows from “We the People” to our president and other elected officials. In response to this sensible and very American view of things, the ruling class and administrative state emphatically said, “We don’t think so.”

A Constitutional Republic No More

It is becoming apparent that for many inside Washington, D.C., elections and the peaceful transfer of power are quaint notions of yesterday’s republic. Presidents, administrations, and their political appointees come and go but the permanent governing class remains. It’s not really that much of a surprise that they think they’re in charge, as for generations the administrative state has expanded and more and more power as been ceded to it and to them…

There can only be one winner in this struggle between Trump and the administrative state if we have any hopes for the republic surviving and that is the duly elected president of the United States who is the only one in this fight who represents the sovereign American people. If you think the state actors somehow are going to surrender, think again. Get ready for some more fireworks: the next year is going to be yet another bumpy, ugly ride.

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