Mom spots terrifying ‘ghost baby’ in son’s crib; says she ‘could kill’ husband after learning cause

Halloween came early to an Illinois mom of two after her husband forgot an important step while making their son’s bed.

Maritza Cibuls, 32, was getting ready for bed after putting her 18-month-old baby boy to sleep in his crib. However, when she went to check the baby monitor, she was so frightened by what she saw that she “barely” got any shut-eye: On the video monitor’s display, Cibuls saw what she thought was a “ghost baby” snuggled up next to her son in bed.

Cibuls took a picture of the monitor and said at first she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her and “tried to ignore it” before getting “so freaking out” she couldn’t sleep.

In a Facebook post, where Cibuls shared an image of the spooky sighting, she wrote that she tried “creeping in[to her son’s room] with a flashlight” to check out what was staring back at her on the video monitor.

“I kept opening my eyes to check to make sure the ‘ghost’ wasn’t moving. Then when I would start to finally relax, my son would roll over and I’d be on high alert again.”

— Maritza Cibuls

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