Religious Extremism

I’d say extreme Christian Fundamentalists and their jihadist counterparts, Islamic Extremists, represent the outermost edges of religious thought.  Writ large, there are not a lot of us who subscribe to either of these extreme ideologies.  Most people who seek out a religious niche fall far short of these two extremes.

While the Christian fundamentalists are more (I’ll call it) “under control” when it comes to violent acts, both extreme positions, Christian and Islam, share a bottom-line commonality: “Believe what we believe or no Heaven for you!” And that’s akin to a kind of “verbal terrorism.” True?

Your challenge: Talk about these extreme ideologies.  Is it a good idea to be an extremist of either flavor?  How much, if any, “mental control” does a person (under such influences) have over their extremist thoughts?  What does it take to escape them?  Etc., and etc.

Think about it and then give us your thoughts on religious extremism.

Thanks for recommending.

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