Bill Barr Signs The Order – ENTIRE Democratic Organization Hauled Into Court

Attorney General William Barr has arguably been one of the best hires President Donald Trump has made since taking office nearly three years ago.

And he just proved that again this week when the Department of Justice and FBI coordinated with local police to seize records and gather evidence after several corrupt Democrats were served a subpoena.

The FBI seized records from the Mayor of Lyons, Illinois, as well as from other prominent businesses. Barr signed off on a federal grand jury subpoena being served to the entire Democratic Organization of Lyons Township — headed by Democratic State Sen. Steven Landek.

Every single member of the Democratic Organization of Lyons as well as a few Democratic state senators have been ordered to appear before a grand jury.

The documents reveal more about the massive sprawling federal political corruption around Chicago and Springfield.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

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