House GOP releases plan in bid to fulfill Trump promise as ‘party of health care’

The Republican Study Committee released a healthcare plan Tuesday to replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, two years after the GOP was unable to agree on a health care plan during the first year of President Trump’s administration.

The plan also represents an effort to compete with Democrats’ messaging on “Medicare-for-All” and other health care plans as the 2020 Democratic primary campaign hits its stride.

The 66-page framework seeks to “transform the individual marketplace’s current regulatory structure, unwind the ACA’s Washington-centric approach and largely return regulatory authority to individual states.”

This includes provisions to increase the portability of health insurance within the individual marketplace, provide federal funding for state-designed “guaranteed coverage pools” which would help cover individuals with pre-existing conditions — though it does not require states to run such pools — put a moratorium on Medicaid expansions so it can be “sustainable … for generations to come” and promotes “innovative care” such as telemedicine.

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