Islam & Straight Privilege

I am sitting here in the airport of yet another Christian-majority country with gay marriage. This time in Latin America. I am reading BNR, observing the usual inane false equivalencies that all religions are equally bad.
Reading the morally abhorrent false equivalencies, I had an epiphany: they are based on straight privilege.
You see, even goose-stepping loony-toons-liberal gays wont go to Muslim countries. No, they aren’t on disqus complaining about the Muslim genocide of homosexuals like I am. But they still won’t go.
No one says all diseases are equally bad. No one says all car crashes are equally bad. No one says all over cooked steaks are equally bad. How on earth do some people conclude all religions are equally bad?
The answer is straight privilege.
Im straightlandia, you can visit Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Syria without fear of being arrested and jailed or killed on the basis of who you are or who you love.
This invincibility, derived from straight privilege, fuels the notion that all religions are equally bad.
As a homosexual, I know quite a few other homosexuals. Without exception, the only homosexual I know who has ever set foot in a Muslim-majority nation is actually a nominal Muslim who, like me, doesn’t believe in god. And he only goes to his ancestral home country of Turkey, which lacks the severe punishments for homosexuality contained in most Muslim countries.
What I find most disturbing is that it is mostly loony toons liberals who are often complaining about ‘this privilege’ and ‘that privilege’ that dig deep into their straight privilege to justify ignoring the millennia – long genocide of homosexuals by Muslims.
No image is provided in protest of the millennia long genocide of homosexuals by Muslims. You get this instead:
“Muslims overwhelmingly say that homosexual behavior is morally wrong, including three-quarters or more in 33 of the 36 countries where the question was asked.
In most countries surveyed, fewer than one-in-ten Muslims believe homosexual behavior is not a moral issue. The exceptions are Bangladesh (14%), Guinea Bissau (14%) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (10%).”
The question for discussion is:  Is the false equivalency that all religions are equally bad only a moral failing, or is it a logical failing as well? 
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