Like Him or Not, Trump is Uniquely Suited for Such a Time as This

This was not dirty politics as usual, but a culmination of political corruption in America. When the Clinton crime syndicate skated free, it became open season for the Democrats and the Deep State to amp up political warfare in America to a new level. And now it’s baldly visible for all to see in the two-tiered justice system that the liberal global elites count on for protection and then use against their enemies — such as shielding Hillary Clinton from prosecution for multiple felonies that compromised national security and then engineering a coup against outsider President Donald Trump without factual evidence of any crime. It’s obvious that the so-called Deep State elites are desperate to destroy Trump because he is the first president of either party with the courage to deliver on the promise to drain the swamp and beat back government corruption — which if successful, would fundamentally change how Washington works.

This double standard accommodation with criminal corruption is to a free republic what a deadly cancer is to an individual.  If unchecked, such corruption will surely destroy freedom and prosperity in the United States as we have known it, and in short order.

Most everyone is on to the Pelosi-Schiff impeachment investigation hearings as being all form and little substance.  Sham hearings held secretly behind closed doors tells you everything you need to know.  This is nothing more than the next phase of an illegitimate coup, whose secondary purpose is to create smoke to obfuscate and prevent seeing the real story.  And in case you missed it, that story is a simple one:  Like him or not, Donald Trump was chosen for such a time as this, when unusual courage and energy are critically necessary to persevere with the priorities to save the nation from self-destruction.


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