REPORT: Steven Crowder Claims YouTube Is Selectively Censoring Tulsi Gabbard

On Tuesday, Blaze personality and “Louder With Crowder” host Steven Crowder went live on his YouTube channel to present evidence he believes shows YouTube and Google censoring 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and removing her videos and YouTube channel from American search results at key times.

Crowder, who came across the evidence as a result of his prior dealings with YouTube — including enduring a coordinated attack on his ability to monetize his channel, pushed by Vox Media — claims that, following former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Gabbard, Friday, YouTube throttled Gabbard’s channel, removing it from American search results, even though the channel and videos remained visible in other countries.

Crowder and his team report that they used several different VPNs to conduct searches for Gabbard’s content, each VPN for a different nation. The team then recorded the results of their experiment. Crowder released the videos on his Twitter feed Tuesday afternoon during his live broadcast.

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