Saagar Enjeti: Clinton remarks on Gabbard ‘shows just how deep the rot in our system goes’

What reasonable takeaway is a reader of that article supposed to have? Hillary’s bunk is once again being accepted wholesale and parroted by the paper of record. This entire episode just how deep the Russian delusions of 2016 run through our most established institutions and so-called smart people on TV. Just look at MSNBC where a supposedly very smart reporter points out that well Tulsi didn’t exactly deny being a Russian asset, I’m not joking

I wish this was just a monologue making fun of Hillary Clinton’s boomer musings, but it actually shows just how deep the rot in our system goes and how far they will go to destroy the character of somebody who dares to stand up to the bipartisan consensus here in Washington.

This entire episode shows us that the establishment has learned from 2016. They continue to advocate for the same endless wars in the Middle East, won’t apologize for destroying our manufacturing base and selling out their own citizens to the Chinese, all while life expectancy for the average American continues to decline. If you point that out, I guess you’re a Russian asset. In that case, sign me up comrades.

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