Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv loses ‘wax her balls’ complaint against salon workers

Jessica Yaniv, a Canadian transgender activist, lost a court case she brought against estheticians who refused to wax her male genitalia.

“Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax,” the BC Human Rights Tribunal determined according to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms which represented five of the estheticians.

Yaniv was found to have “engaged in improper conduct” including filing “complaints for improper purposes.” The Tribunal said that Yaniv’s testimony was both “disingenuous” and “self-serving” along with “evasive and argumentative and contradicted herself.”

Jay Cameron, the Justice Centre’s Litigation Manager praised the decision, saying, “No woman should be compelled to touch male genitals against her will, irrespective of how the owner of the genitals identifies.”

…She has been ordered by the court to pay $2,000 each to three of the women.

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