Warren Decries ‘Cruel’ Policy on School Lunch Debt


(NEWSER) – A New Jersey school district with $16,500 in student lunch debt would like to point out that all of its 11,350 students are “provided the lunch of their choice, regardless of whether they have money for it or not.” That’s not quite what critics are focusing on. New Jersey’s Cherry Hill school district announced in August that students would receive tuna sandwiches instead of a full meal until their lunch debt was repaid. It soon abandoned that policy amid public outcry, but its so-called compromise isn’t going over much better. Per ABC News and the BBC, the school board rejected a businessman’s offer to pay off all student lunch debt, then unanimously passed a policy blocking students with more than $75 in debt from attending extra-curricular activities like prom, and even from buying a yearbook, at an Oct. 15 board meeting. Elizabeth Warren describes it as “cruel.”


Article URL: https://www.newser.com/story/282103/warren-decries-cruel-policy-on-school-lunch-debt.html

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