what would convince you?

How’s the fact the Jews are back with Jerusalem surrounded by Islam believing gullibly? You don’t find Bible prophecy compelling?

What about psalm 83 and the six days war? It lists the exact motive and nations.


Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon against Israel. These ancient locals are mentioned.

What about Ezekiel 38?? These major nations are there…Damascus is a literal heap of ruins Isaiah 17. They go together these two.

What WOULD make you believe?

Peace in the middle east?? Peace with the Jews and Muslims? Would this convince you?

How about a third Jewish temple? IN Jerusalem

Or a global government centralized there?

Romans 10:13 memorize it…

Take a step back, realize the so-called coincidences or so-called self fulfilling of bible prophecy STILL is happening. Climate change is that catastrophe the world will embrace to unify a global government. If this is self fulfillment, what does it matter?

Is the entire world taking part in some conspiracy?

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