Who Are the “Experts” on Climate Change?

We live in complicated times, immersed in a society of incessant, loud, conflicting voices. Nowhere is this more true than in the discussion of the impact of carbon dioxide on the planet, oceans, better known as “climate change.” When interested citizens try to get to the bottom of such a highly complex issue, the standard, and proper, rejoinder is: “Listen to the Experts.”

Although that sounds like common sense, such advice is not as simple as it’s made out to be. For millennia, it was safe to assume that mainstream scientists (as a matter of principle) faithfully adhered to high scientific standards (see below). In our lifetime that has dramatically (and disappointingly) changed.

Today there is an ever-increasing number of scientists driven by political agendas, peer pressure, job security, etc. rather than scientific mores. This change has extraordinary societal implications — and none of them are beneficial.

No one is policing this abandonment of scientific principles. Consider:

Not all priests are exemplary Christian — but when priests violate the rules of Christianity, they are defrocked… Not all lawyers are law-abiding citizen — but when lawyers violate the rules of law they are disbarred… Not all scientists follow the protocols of Science — but when scientists violate the proprieties of Science, they get hired by organizations to help promote their interests!

So who are the “Experts” that we should listen to? For starters it’s important to understand that “Experts” is not a homogeneous collection of people. You can divide Experts into just two very different subgroups: “Real Experts” and “So-Called Experts.”

So-Called Experts are like doctors on TV: actors who wear a white coat. They look and sound like the real thing — but clearly they are not. How do we tell the Real Experts from the Imitations?

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