Texas Father Wins Joint Custody in Transgender Custody Case of Seven-Year-Old

Texas father Jeff Younger won the right on Thursday to have joint decision-making authority with his ex-wife concerning medical treatment for their son James, 7. Younger’s ex-wife Anne Georgulas seeks to affirm James’ alleged “gender dysphoria,” which involves James presenting as a girl named “Luna,” while Jeff Younger wants to instead go with a “wait and see” approach that could lead to the boy growing out of his condition.

Dallas Judge Kim Cooks granted joint guardianship to Younger and his ex-wife, after a jury Tuesday voted 11 to 1 against Younger in his bid to obtain sole guardianship.

Younger’s ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, has accused him of child abuse for not treating their son as a girl. Younger has accused her of encouraging James to think of himself as a girl, providing a video from when James was three-years-old of James saying his mother had told him he was a girl.

The case has attracted national attention and inspired strong feelings on each side. Georgulas’ law firm, KoonsFuller, released a statement that reads in part, “My client is being viciously attacked and threatened by complete strangers based on false and untrue statements.”

On Wed. night, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that the Texas Attorney General’s office and the Department of Family and Protective Services were going to take a look at the Younger-Georgulas case. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) described the proposed treatment of James as “child abuse.”

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