Whistleblower exposed much more than Trump’s self-dealing

A perfect storm of bad news is crushing President Donald Trump and his defenders. Whistleblower#1’s complaint to Congress has exposed Trump’s self-dealing with the Ukrainian president. But that’s not all. It has also exposed a network of shady, sneaky agents advancing Trump’s schemes, against the national interest. And it has blown up their cover story, putting Trump clearly on the defensive.

That one complaint has led to the motherload of all meltdowns by Team Trump. They’re scattering like roaches in the light of day. Events are occurring so fast that Trump’s defenders can’t keep up and are flummoxed. It’ll only get worse.

In fact, it already has.

William Taylor’s testimony Tuesday confirmed and documented Trump as chief provocateur of the quid pro quo. Case closed.

What Trump is up against is something he never had a clue existed and could therefore never be prepared for: the structured phalanx of professional, disciplined, honest civil servants in the intelligence and diplomatic communities who will never let him get away with self-dealing if it subverts global democracy.

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