David Bossie: Republicans right to protest Adam Schiff’s impeachment witch hunt against Trump

Democrats still can’t get over the fact that the American people elected Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Their unprecedented bitterness marks them as sore losers who reject the fact that elections have consequences.

For over 1,000 days, Democratic elected officials and their media allies have waged an unrelenting campaign of extraordinary presidential harassment – doing everything possible to stop President Trump from carrying out his agenda to Make America Great Again and to improve the lives of the American people.

Now Gaetz and his colleagues are finally saying that enough is enough. They deserve the thanks of all Americans for their brave stand…

Never before in American history has a duly elected president been treated so horribly by a deranged resistance – with the mainstream media willing accomplices.

Article URL : https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/david-bossie-gop-protest-against-adam-schiffs-impeachment-witch-hunt-against-trump-is-justified

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