Durham Investigation Is Criminal: a Disaster for the MSM

Now it is time to overthrow them. They no longer deserve their place in our society.

Even now, within minutes actually, The New York Times is desperately  trying to spin the news as legally biased in some manner, insulting Durham with no knowledge.  How pathetic. How reactionary and how conformist. They really are still the paper of Walter Duranty, even though some of their more jejune reporters may never have heard of him.

Someone should remind the editors of the Times that it’s not the crime but the coverup.  They have been the masters of the coverup. The WaPo‘s reputation is up for grabs as well, their vaunted Watergate fame seriously besmirched.

And speaking of overthrowing, the networks deserve special opprobrium and scrutiny.  They are granted licenses by the government, as it happens licenses to spew propaganda. Should these be continued?

Article URL : https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/durham-investigation-going-criminal-a-disaster-for-the-msm/

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