Trump rennt in brennendes Haus mit 20 Bewohnern, um Kanister Öl zu retten (Trump runs into a burning house with 20 residents to rescue canister oil)

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019

Washington DC (dpo) – Spectacular scenes have just been played in the US capital. There was a house on fire, in which, according to the fire department 20 people were included. Surprisingly, Donald Trump appeared on the scene.
The US president plunged heroically into the inferno to rescue an oil canister that was also in the house .

Previously, he is said to have pushed his way between desperately extinguishing firefighters and shouted: “Place there, I’ll go in there now!” As he stepped through the already-burning door, he also shouted, “Just a little bit more, I’ll be right there!”

It was a matter of anxious minutes. But just before the house collapsed, Trump reappeared in the door and ran unhurt outside. In his hand he triumphantly held a canister of oil, which had apparently stood in the basement of the house.

In the face of this heroic act, firefighters and eyewitnesses spontaneously broke out in applause and “USA! USA!” Cheers.

Shortly thereafter, the burning house collapsed. The canister of oil was immediately taken to a local gas station. He is doing well according to the authorities. Trump then awarded himself the medal for bravery.

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