Bride wears pink, groom wears handcuffs in criminal court wedding

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The groom wore handcuffs and jail scrubs. The bride, dressed in a pink skirt and striped blouse, entered the room without music.

Thorn Adderley and Constance Jenkins wanted a wedding, even if it had to be in a criminal courtroom.

So with the approval of the judge overseeing Adderley’s drug trafficking case, the unusual event happened on Aug. 15 at the county courthouse in West Palm Beach.

Circuit Judge Kirk Volker handled it like any other hearing in Courtroom 11G, with deputies and clerks present. A few lawyers also watched the long-time sweethearts tie the knot.

Volker sat at the bench during the ceremony, while the bride smiled and stood with her daughter and attorney Jack Fleischman in front of the defense table. Adderley remained standing in the jury box.

There were no groomsmen, bridesmaids, flowers or rings. But the couple exchanged vows and promised to be there for each other in good times and bad. The entire event took less than four minutes.


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