China Turning to Dog Meat as Pork Prices Skyrocket

China Turning to Dog Meat as Pork Prices Skyrocket

As the price of pork, the most popular meat in China, continues to skyrocket in the wake of a livestock epidemic, citizens of the communist nation are turning to dog meat as a substitute.

Pork prices have shot up 69 percent thanks to the market-killing effects of African swine fever, putting the meat out of reach for many Chinese.

As the South China Morning Post reports, consumers with a tight budget are choosing cheaper alternatives to pork.

Restaurants are now suggesting patrons choose dog meat, also referred to as “fragrant meat” in China and “sweet meat” in nearby North Korea, to keep the price of dishes down. Dog, along with rabbit, is also becoming more common in markets as having pork makes shoppers a target of hungry thieves, according to the SCMP.

In one market, the only cut of hog cheaper than rabbit is a leg bone without a single scrap of meat attached.

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