Lies, lies, lies: How Trump’s fiction gets more dramatic over time

Analysis by Daniel Dale, CNN

Updated 10:58 AM ET, Sun October 27, 2019

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump told a story in January about the farmers, ranchers and builders who stood behind him at a 2017 event where he signed an executive order to weaken an Obama-era environmental regulation.

“They were strong, tough men and women. And half of them were crying,” Trump told an American Farm Bureau convention.

We checked the video of the signing ceremony. Nobody standing behind Trump was crying. Most of them were smiling.

Trump told the story again at a shale industry conference Wednesday. This time, there were even more imaginary tears.

“Many of them were tough, strong men and women. And almost all of them were crying,” Trump said.

Trump makes some of his false claims with remarkable consistency, repeating the same invented tales and figures almost verbatim dozens of times. In other cases, his fiction gets more dramatic with additional renditions — because the President wants to embellish, because he can’t remember the set of non-facts he has made up, or because he just doesn’t care about accuracy.


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