Not just Kanye: Message catching on among rappers that ‘Liberalism requires oppressors & victims’

Not just Kanye: Message catching on among rappers that ‘Liberalism requires oppressors & victims’

“Liberalism requires oppressors and victims, that’s why I vehemently dislike Democrats. They run on forcing black people to buy these narratives,” rapper Zuby told interviewers earlier this year in a segment now gaining traction on social media in the wake of fellow performer Kanye West’s controversial views drawing more and more criticism from the left.

In a fair and logical world, it would not be deemed newsworthy that black celebrities like Kanye or Zuby would choose to freely express their conservative viewpoints. But the fact is, these men are rebelling against the intentionally divisive narratives leftists promote for their own political gains. And that is framed by the left as unusual, and some liberals would claim downright bizarre.

In fact, it should not be headline-worthy as there are plenty of people of color who are strongly conservative, including a multitude of prominent personalities such as Zuby, whose star is rising and whose performance focus is positive rap music.

The British rapper is an Oxford graduate and an entrepreneur in addition to being a musician and he is increasingly in demand for media interviews for his articulate and thoughtful views.

BRILLIANT! Kanye isn’t the only rapper that gets it! I wish EVERY Black American would watch this!

“Liberalism requires oppressors & victims, that’s why I VEHEMENTLY dislike Democrats, they run on FORCING black people to buy these narratives.”🙌@ZubyMusic

— MICHELLE❤KAG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@Winning45KAG) October 26, 2019

“Why is it deemed that you are not being authentically black if you are not left-wing?” Zuby was asked. “Why is it that you can’t be black and libertarian in the UK and somehow you are seen as betraying your race?”

“Because that’s how they keep people in check and keep their power,” he replied. “You cannot have this intersectional left-wing politics without having oppressors and victims. So you have to pit white people against people of color. I hate that term by the way. You have to pit men against women. You have to pit rich against poor–the 1% versus the 99%. ‘Let’s tax the 1%, let’s tax the 1%’–half the people saying that are in the 1%.”

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